Asia Pacific is currently a strategic area because it covers the Area in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean Circles which is currently the Global Economy's center of gravity because of the rapid economic growth in the Region which has an impact on increasing trade volume, population, and the integration of one country with another in globalization framework. This is not only a strategic advantage for every country in this region because it can be an influential country to take advantage of the shift of the center of the world economic flow, but also at the same time become a challenge that must be prepared and faced because the shift in Center of Gravity (CoG) in the region will also bring threats separately, especially threats in the field of defense and security.

Until now, at least there has been a real threat in the field of defense and security in the region that needs to be resolved immediately in the transnational scope, such as the threat of radical terrorism that is transnational in nature and has networks and activities that are widespread and closed so that it requires collective handling through collaboration agencies and ongoing interactions between countries. In response to this phenomenon, it can be concluded that there is currently a shift in the form of threats in the field of defense and security where initially the threat was traditional threats in the form of military threats / invasion by other countries to certain countries to become non-traditional threats with non-state elements being the main threat.


  1. Terrorism Prevention
  2. Capacity Building on Counter Terrorism
  3. Building Cooperation on Counter Terrorism
  4. Technology Innovation To Counter Terrorism

Invited Speakers:

  1. Minister of Defence of Republic of Indonesia
  2. Minister of Defence of Singapore
  3. Minister of Defence of Philippines
  4. Timothy Wilson, UNODC
  5. Head of National Counter Terrorism Agency

Industry Covered:

  1. Technology for countering terrorism
  2. Surveillance Technology
  3. Bomb detector / Bomb tamer


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